I’m Anne,  information designer with more than 10 years of experience in infographics, icons, illustration, graphic design and explainer animations. Currently I am available for freelance work.

infographics and illustrations | Trouw newspaper | DPG Media

explainer animation | guide for refugee students and professionals | UAF

Video afspelen

illustration, animation, storytelling: Anne Blaak
script: UAF & Anne Blaak

icons | mushroom mycelium | grown.bio

Grown.bio turns mushroom roots (mycelium) into packaging and design products. These icons were used to illustrate the process.

infographics | personal work

Delft | icons | personal work

infographics | sanitation in Africa

infographics to illustrate Johanna Weststrate’s PhD research into sanitation and its situation in African countries.

COVID questions | personal work

At the beginning of the corona crisis it seemed as if people became more creative with their free time. I made these infographics to fill my own time.

explainer animations | RTL niews

Video afspelen
Video afspelen
Video afspelen
Video afspelen
Video afspelen
Video afspelen

For RTL News I designed numerous of these animations for their Instagram.

The monitor – an annual publication – is an assessment of well-being in the Netherlands, not merely based on gross domestic product (GDP), but taking into account other indicators including environment, health, education, labour, security, trust and inequality. I designed many infographics and data visualizations to clarify the complex content.


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