I’m Anne, experienced motion / graphic designer with a passion for information design, based in the Netherlands. 

Infographics | Dagblad Trouw | DPG Media

Infographics facilitate the understanding of complex issues, which is essential in newspapers. I regularly design explanation visuals, location maps, graphs and data visualizations for both the online and printed version of Dagblad Trouw.

Guide for refugee students and professionals | UAF

Video afspelen

Illustration, animation, storytelling: Studio Anne Blaak
Script: UAF & Studio Anne Blaak
Music: David Hyde

UAF helps refugees who want to study or work in the Netherlands. This explainer animation shows how the first steps can be taken and how the process works.

Infographics | Personal project

Can information design be fun or cute besides being informative? Or does it always have to be serious? These are questions that I like to deal with in my work. An ongoing experiment.

Mushroom mycelium production icons | grown.bio

Grown.bio is a sustainable biotechnology company creating packaging, building materials and design products out of mycelium, the roots of mushrooms. I created this icon set to illustrate their work.

Delft city icons | personal project

My hometown Delft has a lot of (historical) icons, I thought it would be fun to design literal icons for them.

sanitation in africa

For Johanna Weststrate’s PhD research I made a few infographics to illustrate the sanitary problem in African countries.

corona questions | personal project

At the start of the corona crisis I looked into Google trends, which resulted in interesting findings.

instagram animations | RTL nieuws

Video afspelen
Video afspelen
Video afspelen
Video afspelen
Video afspelen
Video afspelen

Bring the news quickly and at the same time stand out in the feed, that’s what RTL Nieuws does with these animations. Over the years I’ve worked on dozens of them.

monitor brede welvaart | Statistics Netherlands (CBS)

Report on well-being in a broad sense in the Netherlands – from an economic, ecological and societal perspective and Dutch progress on the UN SDGs. For this big publication I designed lots of infographics and data visualizations all in the CBS visual identity.